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Edmond’s Premier Dentistry Experience

No longer will you dread the dental office but actually enjoy relaxing for a few minutes of your day while getting your pearly whites into tip top shape, with a free teeth whitening kit with your first appointment! With a skilled compassionate staff and a modern upbeat facility with tons of entertainment for the kids, you’ll never have to look for an Edmond Dentist OK again!

Meet Dr. Tucker:

The man whose mission is to elevate your dental experience. At Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek, our motto is to provide high quality, affordable care for the entire family in the Dentist Edmond OK area. By going the extra mile to cultivate an environment that eases anxiety and ensures relaxation, our goal is to build a long lasting relationship with our patients. 

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We want Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek to be your last stop when it comes to finding your dentist Edmond OK! A number of patients come in to see us after having gone to other dental offices over the years, describing previous experiences that left them dissatisfied and searching for a new dentist. Whether it was the service they received, quality or cost of care, or a general dislike with the office or staff, many people have described their struggle in finding and keeping a dentist Edmond OK that they’re happy with. In addition to these issues, patients want to find a place where they feel valued as a patient, are sure to receive quality care, aren’t subjected to high pressure sales tactics, or presented with outrageously expensive treatment plans.


Priority Scheduling

Here at Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek, we strive to get new patients scheduled and into our office as soon as possible. The reason for this is because we believe that as long as a new patient shows up for their appointment, their initial experience here will compel them to come back for any and all of their future dental needs. Upon entering our office, patients step into a modern yet inviting lobby where they are promptly greeted by staff and often this dentist Edmond OK. We strive to make check-in as seamless as possible, with online forms that can be submitted prior to your appointment or quickly filed out on the iPad in our office. While our patients do not normally experience significant wait times before being seated, our lobby offers comfortable furnishings, magazines, games & activities to occupy the kiddos, and complimentary beverages. After being called back to our operatories, you will be seated in a comfortable dental chair and met by professional and personable staff members that are there to greet you and discuss any dental issues you may be experiencing. Digital x-ray technology is used to identify any potential problems prior to a thorough examination performed by Dr. Tucker. While in the chair, patients have the option of using our noise canceling headphones to watch Netflix or play on the iPad, or, just sitting back to relax and listen to the music being played throughout the office. Our use of state-of-the-art equipment and technology combined with our highly experienced staff equates to less time in the dental chair! Whether you are there for a check-up or are getting dental work done, we strive to make you as comfortable. Our goal at Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek is to ensure the best possible patient experience, giving you every reason to become a long-term patient of this dentist Edmond OK as opposed to giving you a reason to leave.


Positive Experience

Ensuring positive patient experiences is achieved by adhering to Dr. Tucker’s simple philosophy: “If you treat people right, they’ll come back.” This will be made evident through interactions with our dedicated staff and by the way in which our office operates as a whole. Here at Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek, we pride ourselves in great customer service along with high quality, personalized dental care. This dentist Edmond OK truly enjoys meeting new people and is committed to developing long lasting relationships with each of our patients. As part of our commitment to retaining our patients, we strive to make every person feel welcome and also tailor fit dental treatments to ensure the best possible outcome, considering the individual needs of each patient that we serve. Our office provides an array of services to patients of all ages.


Relaxing & Upbeat Environment

In addition to finding a comfortable and professional environment where you can get all of your dental needs met, we realize that cost is another major consideration when selecting a dental office. We do not want cost to be a deterrent in seeking treatment and getting necessary work done by a qualified dentist Edmond OK. To this end, Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek is committed to providing high quality care at affordable pricing. As a dentist Edmond OK Dr. Tucker is in-network with most all PPO dental insurance plans and his staff aims to inform patients of any and all associated costs up front, prior to any dental treatment being done. Our office adheres to straightforward, hassle-free business practices. We also offer Care Credit and discounted fees for the uninsured.



Serving All Ages!

Our office provides comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages, from 2 to 102! Dr. Tucker brings nearly 17 years of extensive experience to his practice and is very personable. He is also known as a dentist Edmond OK for his ability to put patients at ease and has won over a number of patients during the course of his career that initially claimed to be extreme dental-phobes. He is extremely calm, patient, and gentle and numerous patients have complimented his abilities in providing pain-free treatment. Dr. Tucker is a highly skilled clinician and provides an array of services, allowing patients to get all of the dental needs met under 1 roof. Notably, Dr. Tucker is a conservative dentist and believes in focusing on necessary treatment. Thanks to this philosophy, you will never experience upselling or high-pressure sales in this dentist Edmond OK office. In fact, Dr. Tucker enjoys putting a smile on a patient’s face after telling them they have no cavities/don’t need any work done. Dr. Tucker only recommends work if it truly needs to be done, and then allows you to decide whether or not to have the work done.


State-of-the-art Facility

Dr. Tucker’s office is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment including digital x-rays and digital panoramic imaging, which shows all of your teeth in a single image. We provide noise-canceling headphones and iPads in each of our operatories for you to enjoy, so you can sit back and relax while getting your dental work done! Here at Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek, we use the most innovative approaches as well as high quality materials. All Porcelain Crowns are made with zirconia which is an extremely strong and durable material. These crowns are milled in a reputable dental lab that uses CAD/CAM- computer aided design/computer aided machine. Resultantly, our custom All Porcelain/Zirconia crowns are of the highest quality. This dentist Edmond OK is happy to say that gone are the days of silver and gold crowns!


Conveniently Located & Fast Appointments

Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek is conveniently located off of Portland, just north of the Turnpike; allowing quick and easy access from every direction. You don’t have to drive into the heart of Edmond! Additionally, our office offers convenient scheduling, flexible hours, and is open on Fridays. Dr. Tucker is also available for emergencies Saturdays and Sundays; he typically sees 4 emergency patients per weekend. We strive to see emergencies ASAP as this is a core part of Dr. Tucker’s commitment as a dentist Edmond OK to provide excellent care. We are often able to schedule emergencies same day or next business day. We do not schedule emergencies 2 weeks out! Our goal is to get you into the office and out of pain as soon as possible. Separate from the convenience afforded by this office, Dr. Tucker is highly skilled and most patient procedures are done in house. For rare cases that do need to be referred out, as a dentist Edmond OK Dr. Tucker works with a network of esteemed specialists to coordinate dental treatment. In addition to providing high quality care, Edmond Dental @ Deer Creeks places an emphasis on customer service and works to ensure that each patient has the best possible experience.


Call Us to Hear More Benefits!

Dr. Tucker loves mechanics, technology, and doing dentistry. Over the course of his career, he has worked with and trained a number of young dentists and dental professionals. He loves teaching and optimizing techniques and takes pride in the work that he does. We invite you to come into our office and meet your last, new dentist Edmond OK!



Welcome! We invite you to schedule an appointment with our this dentist Edmond OK, online or in person, and come in to meet Dr. Tucker and his friendly, professional staff. We are thrilled to be part of the growing community and have found that many of the families that relocate to Oklahoma from out of state end up here in the Edmond/Deer Creek area. Often times, these patients are looking to take advantage of the good quality of life afforded by living in Oklahoma and are also drawn to the well rated schools in our area. In building our practice, we delight in meeting new people and hearing about where they are from and what brought them here to OK. We love life here in OK and look forward to extending a warm welcome to you and your family; Dr. Tucker takes pride in serving as a “welcome wagon” for all of the newcomers! Dr. Tucker and his dentist Edmond OK staff at Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek are here to serve patients of all ages, from 2 to 102! We are a family practice and even offer convenient “group” appointments for multiple family members to be seen simultaneously for routine cleanings and check-ups.



Well, it’s where he calls home. Dr. Tucker wants to offer service to the community in which he lives. Dr. Tucker was born and raised in small town Oklahoma and is a double alum from OU, having received his bachelor’s degree in Microbiology prior to attending dental school and graduating in 2003. After practicing in San Diego, CA for nearly a decade, Dr. Tucker returned to OK in 2014 with his wife and 3 kids. In seeking out a location for his new practice, Dr. Tucker met Dr. Coury who had practiced as a dentist Edmond OK for over 40 years. Dr. Coury had moved his dental practice from the heart of Edmond to its current location in Deer Creek where he continued to practice over the past 20 years. Dr. Coury had been searching for a custodian for his practice for a number of years and after meeting Dr. Tucker, he felt that Dr. Tucker was the perfect fit for serving the growing community. Dr. Tucker brings 16 ½ years of clinical experience to Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek and he intends to practice in this area for the duration of his career, 2 decades or more! We have plans to build a new facility that will accommodate our growing dentist Edmond OK practice and provide a comfortable environment for the length of that time. Dr. Tucker and his family love living here and enjoy being involved with the local schools. It’s been exciting to see all the growth here in OK the past several years! Here at Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek, we serve healthcare professionals, teachers from Edmond/ Deer Creek/OKC and surrounding schools, professors from the state universities, as well as individuals from different industries across the state. Basically, we have awesome patients and we’d love to have you as a patient as well! Our goal is to establish lasting relationships with all of the patients we serve and to remain active in the community for decades to come.



We emphasize the importance of preventative care and do Cleanings every 6 months. For many of our dentist Edmond OK patients, that is all they need. For other patients that have a dental emergency, we typically see emergencies on the same day, Monday – Friday and Dr. Tucker typically takes emergency calls on Saturday and Sunday. My goal as a dentist Edmond OK is to get you into the office and out of pain as soon as possible! Dr. Tucker has extensive clinical experience and provides an array of services. In addition to standard restorative treatment, we offer specialty procedures including Wisdom Teeth extractions, Root Canals, Crowns, and Veneers. Most dental needs can be taken care of right here under one roof. We also have some wonderful Specialists that we refer to when needed. Whatever the case, Dr. Tucker and his experienced staff work to provide high quality care, utilizing the most innovative approaches and materials to ensure the best possible result. We are committed to restoring and maintaining good oral health for our patients at every age and stage in life.

Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek: a great place where you will find your last, new dentist Edmond OK! Call to get scheduled today!