Dentist Edmond OK | Affordable and Quality Care

After growing up in Oklahoma and then breaking out to move to California for a few years we decided to move back home so that we can become an amazing dentist Edmond OK. Why we made this decision is because we are extremely passionate about this community and how friendly and wonderful all of the individuals who live here are. We want to be able to establish our business in a community that is grateful and that is rapidly evolving. That is why we are extremely passionate about cultivating a dental practice that is ideal for the entire family. We want to make sure that we can reach as many people in the community as possible no matter what your financial situation is.

With customer service being at the heart of everything we do we want to make sure that we are improving every single day to make sure that the experience that you have when you come to us is of the highest quality. With that being said we also want to make sure that we are the dentist Edmond OK that can give you high-quality Care at affordable prices. We highly encourage that you communicate with us what your situation is so that you make sure that we fully understand what is going on. We will go above and beyond to make sure that we can give you the type of care that you need that I also not breaking the bank.

When you go to a normal dental office there are many different services that they do not offer for people who do not have insurance. We believe that this is not fair. It is not the type of practice that we as the dentist Edmond OK wants to provide to the community. We believe that everybody deserves to have health care and that everybody deserves to have teeth that are fully functional and bring them no pain. We highly encourage you to come in or to give us a call so that we can go through all of the types of insurance plans that we accept and other options if insurance is not what you can provide.

We understand that many different types of practices will say the same things that we are and will not deliver these sales pitches. There is always a catch or fine print that is going to bury you in debt. We want you to be confident in your decision to come to us in the best way possible. We know to do that we need to let you hear from other people in the community who have chosen us to be their go-to dentist for their entire family. The best way to go about this is by reading some of our Google reviews. You will notice that we have over 70 of them and it has given us a 5-star rating. We are extremely grateful for the support in the community that we have received and look forward to building an even longer-lasting relationship.

There is no reason that you should have to walk around with a smile that does not give you confidence or any type of tooth pain. You deserve a high quality of life at an affordable health care plan. We are very excited that we can deliver this to this community that we have decided to call home and looking forward to being your dental office.