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Let me be the first to welcome you to our office as an Edmond Dentist OK. I’m Dr. Joseph Tucker. I was born and raised in a small town in southern Oklahoma. I attended the University of Oklahoma for my undergraduate training and OU College of Dentistry for Dental School. After Dental School I completed a 1-year Advanced Dentistry Residency Where I was trained in Surgery, Endodontics and Implant placement. We know that you’re looking for a great dental office for you and your family. We understand that it can be challenging to find an office where you feel both comfortable and appreciated.

We’re here to take care of you and your family’s regular dental maintenance and cleanings in addition to any other dental needs you may have. As an added convenience this Edmond Dentist OK sees Adults and children of all ages. We often coordinate appointments so that you and your children can be appointed at the same time saving you time and reducing the number of trips you make to the dental office. My team and I take pride in what we do. It is our goal to serve our community for decades to come. So I hope you choose us and make us your dental office, Then we’ll do the rest.

I first wanted to be a dentist when I was in high school. Our family Edmond Dentist OK was very good at his job and made a positive impression on me. I decided at 18 years old that I wanted to be a dentist and I never wavered on that decision in the 9 years of college that followed. Being a dentist suits me well, as I like to create and repair and use my hands as well as solve problems. At my dentistry, I am here to solve as many problems as possible. Many times when a new patient finds us, they may have a dental problem that they’ve been putting off for some time that we are here to help them with.

It always feels nice to be able to solve that problem and make that patient happy. And often that problem is solved with less effort than the patient expected. It is our daily goal to elevate the dental experience of patients that walk through our doors to dispel the myth that a dental visit has to be a dreaded experience. We achieve this with both our adult patients and children. We love our kid patients and take pride in watching them grow up in our practice. It always feels nice when a parent says that their child looks forward to coming in to see us, and we do hear it often.

For new adult patients, we like to offer a little something extra for choosing our office. When you come in for your first dental cleaning we will provide you with a whitening kit if you would like. And for the little ones, we’ll make sure they get something from the treasure chest and If you mention it we are happy to set them up with a T-shirt. Once you come to join our dental office we hope to keep you coming back for years to come. While attracting new patients to our practice is how we grow, keeping patients happy is how the practice stays healthy.