Do you accept Sooner Care?

No. We do however offer discounted procedures which make our fees very affordable for an Dentist Edmond OK. We would love for you to call us so that we can talk you through all of the payment options we have.

How do I contact the doctor in an emergency?

Please call and leave a voicemail if no answer. Also send an email to this Dentist Edmond OK. Email is monitored even on weekends. If it’s during office hours a text is OK. We typically only see the texts during office hours. If you have not heard from us within an hour please try back again. If it is at night and you feel its a medical emergency seek immediate medical attention or call 911.

Do you see children and Adults?

Yes. We see patients of all ages. We are a Dentist Edmond OK for the whole family.

Do you do Root Canals?

Yes we do. We are able to do most all Root Canals in the office.

Do you take out wisdom teeth?

Yes we do. We are able to do most all extractions in the office because we are highly qualified and prepared. However, very difficult impactions are sometimes referred out as a Dentist Edmond OK cannot do them. We refer to the very best and will still guide you through the process as best as we can.

What do I do if a Temporary Crown comes off?

We prefer for a temp to never be off for more than a couple days as teeth will shift. If your tooth is not sensitive you can wait for Dentist Edmond OK to cement it back on. The pharmacy does sale emergency recement kits if you cannot wait. Remove old Cement, Dry tooth and Temp and follow directions.

I’m in pain. What should I do?

The short answer is give a Dentist Edmond OK a call, email, or Text. “The Long Answer to why your in pain” is considerably involved. The answer varies depending on whether you’ve recently had dental work done on the tooth involved, what kind of treatment. One of the first things we check is the bite. Clove oil can naturally offer pain relief if the tooth has a cavity or nerve pain or if you have a dry socket. I will provide some helpful links on this.

Do you take my Insurance / Are you in Network?

Yes, most likely. We accept each and every PPO that I am aware of including discount plans. We have even seen HMO patients when patients have no other option. Bottom line is we are as insurance friendly of a practice as your going to find for a Dentist Edmond OK.

When can I get in for an appointment?

How about TODAY. We offer same day appointments with this Dentist Edmond OK. Especially if you are in pain and especially if we’re open. Otherwise let’s get you in Soon as you have time. One of our central beliefs is we should get a dental emergency in the same business day if at all possible.

Is your office / equipment up to date?

Yes. We have a newly remodeled office with brand new equipment including digital X-Ray, Cordless Dental Handpieces, Mounted overhead Ipads with Netflix in each Treatment room with cordless Headphones to drown out the noise of dentistry. This works very well with Children’s Dental procedures. It has been extremely popular with Adults that are Afraid of the dentist as well. Our goal is to elevate the dental experience while delivering high quality that is available to any patient that walks through our door as we offer many different payment plans.

I’m afraid of / hate the dentist. How can you help?

We do well with anxious patients. First, we are compassionate. Dr. Tucker is a gentle dentist. We have Nitrous Oxide & the overhead iPads in the treatment rooms with Netflix & Cordless headphones.This provides a legitimate distraction & has proven to be quite popular with Adult & Children’s dental procedures.

Insurance FAQs

1.How does my dental insurance work? What is my cost?
If you’ve had health insurance, you’re going to be familiar with how a dental plan works.

  • You pay a premium, a certain amount monthly, to buy the plan.
  • Your deductible is what you must pay out-of-pocket for services covered by your plan before the insurance company pays.
  • Your plan may include copays, a fixed cost you pay for a certain service, like an X-ray.
  • Coinsurance refers to the percentage you pay of covered expenses after you meet your deductible. Example: if your coinsurance for a filling is 30%, and the cost for that service in-network of $100, you would pay $30 of that. The insurance company would pay for the rest of your covered expenses up to your annual maximum.

2. Are there limits to what insurance will pay?
Yes. Dentist Edmond OK plans generally come with annual maximums, which is the most the insurance will cover in a given calendar year. Often those maximums are around $1,000, but they vary by plan and insurance provider.

3. What is the difference between in -network and out- of network?
Answer: “In-network” health care providers have contracted with your insurance company to accept certain negotiated (i.e., discounted) rates. You will typically pay less with an in-network dentist. An “Out-of-network” provider have not agreed to the discounted rate; therefore, your out pocket will be at a higher cost.

4. What procedure are covered?
The best way to answer this question is to look at your benefit summary (provided by your insurance or HR dept) Many procedures are covered through dental insurance; the key is to know if waiting periods apply before coverage can begin, and the amount of coverage to expect on any one procedure, in or out network.


5. How does my dentist retrieve my benefit summary from insurance.
To verify your Dentist Edmond OK benefits, you will need to provide the policy holder’s name, DOB, and identification or social security number. One of our friendly team members will contact your insurance company with the information provided and will receive a complete breakdown of your insurance benefits via phone, fax, or email.