Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dentist Edmond OK are often asked “Do I need to take out my wisdom teeth?” In most cases, Dr. Tucker is going to say yes if the patient is in their Teens or Twenties. However, he will often advise against it if the patient is in their Thirties or later. The rationale for this is simple. It is common for wisdom teeth to require extraction at some point in your life and it is much easier to do in a young person. There are certainly exceptions to this rationale. Dr. Tucker routinely performs wisdom teeth extractions in his office and also offers Nitrous Oxide. As with all procedures, Dr. Tucker strives to make the procedure as painless as possible.

Wisdom teeth problems are something that most of us will have to deal with in our lifetimes. Some signs and symptoms of a wisdom tooth problem include pain from the tooth, jaw, or gums surrounding, Pressure, Throbbing, aching, radiating pain, Pain in the adjacent tooth or teeth, swelling, biting of gums or cheek when you close your mouth you should visit your Dentist Edmond OK. Most of us face these issues when we are teenagers but they often will happen to patients later in life if the wisdom teeth remain in place. The pain can be associated with the tooth trying to erupt into place. Depending on the position of the tooth pressure / pain / damage can occur on the next tooth adjacent to the wisdom tooth as well.

Even when wisdom teeth make their way into the mouth fully erupted they usually cause problems later on. Their position in the mouth make them very difficult for a Dentist Edmond OK to cleanse properly. This makes a wisdom tooth more prone to disease than other teeth in the mouth including decay and periodontal disease. They often cause food trap areas that can result in swollen, inflamed or infected gums. This is especially the case with partially erupted wisdom teeth that have gums covering part of the tooth. Partially erupted wisdom teeth are also often painful when normal biting and chewing result in the gum tissue being bitten.

Early intervention is often the best play with wisdom teeth issues. It is much easier for a Dentist Edmond OK to remove wisdom teeth in teens and young adults than in older adults. In these younger individuals the teeth have not fully formed and have not firmly attached to the bone. If you accept that your wisdom teeth will most likely cause you issue in your lifetime, then why not remove them when you’re young and it’s likely to be easier to have done. Having said this, if you are approximately 30 or older and still have your wisdom teeth, Dr. Tucker will often advise leaving wisdom teeth alone if they are asymptomatic. The rationale for this is that the window for an easier extraction experience has passed.

If you plan to have Orthodontics (braces), your Orthodontist may want you to have your wisdom teeth removed. This may be to facilitate your treatment or to help in the retention phase of your orthodontics. We often get the question: “what if I have room for them?” The truth is, you probably don’t and even if crowding is not an issue, your wisdom teeth are still going to be more prone to cavities and periodontal disease. However, if you still want to keep them, that’s fine. Dentist Edmond OK consider it our responsibility to inform patients of potential problems and give the best possible advice so as to help our patients avoid issues in the future.

There are different classifications of Wisdom Teeth based on their position. There are erupted teeth that have come in like any other tooth and there are impacted teeth that have not come in properly that need to be extracted by a Dentist Edmond OK. Partial bony impactions are partially covered with bone, and Full bony impactions are >50% covered with bone. Typically, wisdom teeth are extracted surgically.

There are a number of factors that determine the difficulty of a wisdom tooth extraction for a Dentist Edmond OK including position of the tooth, size of the mouth opening, shape of the jaw, density of the bone, age of the patient, maturity of the roots on the tooth, proximity of significant structures including sinuses, and nerves, patients health or medical condition, mental / emotional status and others.

You will need to make an informed consent to have your wisdom teeth extracted. As I, Dentist Edmond OK, have stated here there are often risks and consequences if the wisdom teeth are not removed. There are also inherent risks to having wisdom teeth removed. The upper wisdom teeth are often close to the maxillary sinus and the lower wisdom teeth are often close to your nerve bundle called the inferior alveolar nerve. This can cause complications with a sinus communication or paresthesia respectively. These risks are in addition to the more common post operative issues like pain, swelling or infection. These things are perhaps not pleasant to think of but you should be aware of them.

You may choose to have your wisdom teeth extracted with local anesthesia only, Nitrous Oxide, or We can refer you to an oral surgeon for sedation. All 4 wisdom teeth can be extracted in 1 visit. Sometimes patients opt to do 1 side at a time. A Dentist Edmond OK can extract 1 tooth per visit in some cases where it makes sense. If sutures / stitches are placed you will return for a 1 week post operative visit.

The period of recovery varies greatly. I often tell patients that pain will likely last from 2 days up to 2 weeks. Usually a healthy person heals without issue. Post operative medication is usually prescribed by a Dentist Edmond OK. Dry socket is a possibility but can be managed with palliative care. You may want to schedule your wisdom teeth extractions when you have a weekend or a few days off.

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