Why Us

Upon arriving at Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek, patients are quick to realize that this is not your typical Dentist Edmond OK. Patients walk into a newly renovated office where they are promptly greeted by our welcoming and professional staff. In our office, you will never be ignored or made to feel that we don’t value your business. Instead, it will quickly become apparent that customer service is a top priority. After a quick, no hassle check-in, patients are invited to enjoy the comforts of our modern lobby. Although your wait time should be brief, you are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee or a bottle of water before your appointment. We also have plenty of magazines as well as tic-tac-toe and other activities to help occupy the kiddos. Once you step into the back office, you will hear upbeat music being played throughout and will see that our office was designed to put patients at ease, providing a comfortable and relaxing environment with iPads in every operatory. Patients have a choice of personalized entertainment options and after meeting Dentist Edmond OK Dr. Tucker and his staff and discussing any dental issues or concerns, you can sit back and relax while getting your exam or dental work done. We provide noise canceling headphones so that patients can truly tune out and listen to their favorite music or watch Netflix. Dr. Tucker’s love for technology also benefits his patients through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, which facilitates faster, more efficient dental treatment and equates to less time in the dental chair.

Patients at Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek can easily see that Dr. Tucker and his experienced staff are committed to providing patients with the best possible dental treatment and experience. Dr. Tucker is a highly skilled Dentist Edmond OK but is also very personable, a combination that is often difficult to find in other dental offices. Dr. Tucker truly enjoys getting to know his patients and sharing stories and experiences. He loves to talk about his kids, school, sports, travel, gardening, real estate, and all things mechanical. In addition to benefiting from his vast knowledge and experience pertaining to Dentist Edmond OK, Dr. Tucker’s patients are sure to be able to strike up a conversation and actually enjoy their time in the chair.

Dr. Tucker and his staff are quick to put patients at ease and always take the time to thoroughly discuss any dental issues or questions. As opposed to their experiences in other dental offices, patients at Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek will never feel rushed. Instead, tremendous consideration is shown for our patients’ needs and a detailed explanation of all available treatment options i provided by Dentist Edmond OK prior to any work being done. Dr. Tucker will always take the time to address any questions or concerns you may have when deciding on treatment. Additionally, you will never feel pressured to get work done here at Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek as opposed to other offices that use high-pressure sales techniques. Dr. Tucker is careful to avoid any unnecessary treatments and subsequent risks, and, truly takes long-term dental health into consideration when advising his patients. When treatment is deemed necessary, patients are presented with the best available options in a straightforward, hassle-free manner. Upon commencing treatment, patients are quick to realize why Dr. Tucker has earned his reputation as a pain-free Dentist Edmond OK with superior clinical skills. The vast experience of Dr. Tucker and his staff allows them to make quick work of most dental procedures, during which time patients are relaxed and occupied by the iPad overhead or listening to music.

Here at Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek, our goal is to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with our patients by providing the best possible dental care and patient experience. Dr. Tucker and his staff take pride themselves in getting to know their patients and are committed to providing superior, personalized care, as a Dentist Edmond OK when it comes to dental issues and treatment options. In our office, we take the time to listen to our patients and address their individual needs and concerns. With any dental issues that are diagnosed, patients are presented with a comprehensive treatment plan that clearly outlines the best available treatment options as well as all any associated costs. Patients have often described being surprised to find hidden or unexpected costs at other dental offices. In contrast, here at Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek, we are very straightforward and always provide patients with a detailed assessment of any and all potential costs prior to doing treatment. In terms of expense, we realize that cost is a major consideration when it comes to getting dental work done by a Dentist Edmond OK. Dr. Tucker has always been committed to providing the highest quality care while offering affordable pricing. For those with dental insurance, our staff will work with patients to maximize their plan’s benefits. For those that are uninsured, we also offer a discounted fee schedule and financing options. In contrast to the exorbitant costs you will find at other dental offices, Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek offers affordable treatment options. We care about our patients’ dental health and realize that cost is often times a deterrent when it comes to getting necessary work done. While we are the Dentist Edmond OK that are firmly committed to providing affordable care, we are in no way compromising quality. Our office uses the most innovative approaches and highest quality materials and dental laboratories in order to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes, thereby preventing further issues down the road.

The clinical expertise of Dr. Tucker and his experienced staff combined with the use of state-of-the-art equipment and innovative approaches provides patients with superior dental care. Still, here at Edmond Dental @ Deer Creek, we realize that you have a choice when it comes to who you go to for Dentist Edmond OK work done which is why we feel that customer service is paramount. We intend to serve Edmond and neighboring communities for decades to come, during which time we will remain committed to providing the best possible dental care and patient experience at every stage and age in their life.